Welcome to my first blog post of 2022, I’m writing this as a record of what I would like to achieve this year.


These are the following things I’d like to get done this year:

  • Learn Golang using the Raylib game library
  • Learn to test with Django and python
  • Create a plugin/chrome extension and get one sale.
  • Publish at least 12 blog posts
  • Save up my 6-month emergency fund

Programming Goals

I would like to get a couple of things done this year. I would like to learn the Golang language better and the best way to do this is to do some game dev.

I would like to learn some game dev but I don’t want to monetize this skill and keep it as a hobby for myself. I will publish a couple of the games to get some feedback but this will be for me.

I would like to level up my Django skills and build several tools. These tools would let me build up applications faster. Also, I need to learn Django and python testing.

Indie Hacker Goals

This is something I would like to ramp up this year. I have listened to podcasts on this for the last 4+ years, it’s time to get off my butt and work.

I’m going to use the stair-stepping method popularized by Rob Walling and first try to buy my own time.

To get this goal done I will start by creating a plugin/extension that has a one-time sale model. I would like to get a couple of sales with this.

Tutoring is another model that I would like to try to buy my time back with. I will try tutoring for 6 months and test its viability.

Financial Goals

I won’t go too much into this because I would like to keep this a bit more private. I do need to get my six-month emergency fund all sorted out this year. To do this I need more than one source of income.

Other Goals

Amongst my other goals, I would like to set up a system where I write for a specified amount of time every day. I would like to publish a blog post at least once a month.

Reading! I’m gonna get back into reading, I will read at least one book a month.

To infinity and beyond

This is a good point to stop writing. Here’s to a great year.

February 23, 2022